By far, this is the best place I have ever taught. I love my job. I feel fortunate to be able to say that.

I have always known I would be happy as a teacher, but it was not until the first semester of my teaching credential program, that I discovered I could not be happy doing anything else. I was right.

By taking advantage of an accelerated pace program in high school, I was able to graduate early, and from there go straight into college. I earned a four year degree, and my fifth year teaching credential credits, in a three year period, and married shortly thereafter. As a mother of six children (all fourteen to eighteen years apart,) I chose to stay home, home school, and earn a small amount by writing articles.

When the time was right for me to teach, I returned to California State University Chico to take the new classes required for acceptance into the teaching credential program.  I earned my credential, and worked thereafter at Chester Jr./Sr. High, in Chester, CA; Hoopa High, in Hoopa, CA; Ferndale Middle School, in Ferndale, CA; Pioneer High School, in Woodland, CA; River Valley High, in Yuba City, CA; Rodriguez High, in Fairfield, CA; and
I have taught the last four years at New Bern High, here in New Bern, NC.

I moved to North Carolina in 2011, to be near my grandchildren while I returned to school for my Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages.  That was a full-time, two year program, and possibly my all time most challenging endeavor.  I graduated with a 4.00, and began interviewing for positions near Jacksonville immediately thereafter. Soon after I was hired here at New Bern High School.  By far, this is the best place I have ever taught.  I love my job. I feel fortunate to be able to say that.

Teaching in the State of North Carolina is an experience that has brought; students uncommonly polite and respectful; parents who are wholeheartedly committed to their child’s success, and eager to work with me as a team when appropriate; and positive, supportive faculty and staff.  See why I love my job?




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